The Insecurity Test


We made it……….

Another day down. How can a guy be worn out after only two days of work? Stress, I’m going to say stress. Stress is like the creepy bully that just wont leave you alone.

Insecurity…. Did you remember everything you need for today?

Me……. Yes, I Uh, I think so?

Insecurity ……Are you sure? I don’t think you did.

Me…….. Well I think….

Insecurity ………Shut UP! You don’t know what your talking about.

Insecurity ……. You are forgetful, You know you forgot something. You Just don’t remember what you forgot.

Insecurity …… I will keep reminding you until you hate your life. Maybe they are right! Your not going to succeed. Your kidding yourself.

Insecurity ……. How are you going to get all this stuff done today? There is so much to do. It’s not even possible. How are you going to pay bills? How are you going to make you kids sports game….its the championship! You have the father daughter dance coming up soon! How are you going to do that? How are you going to afford that? What about the tux rental?

Insecurity …… You are going to fail today, you could lose your job and your family will suffer!

Me…….. Well, I don’t know about..

Insecurity …… Yes, you will, unless everything is perfect. And nothing is ever perfect!

It’s about this time that you just kind of shutdown. You question yourself. You ask yourself, with all these challenges, how can I do it?

Why do you keep struggling when giving up is, well, easier?

That truly is a great question. Why fight when it is so much easier to give up? Why not just quit? Quit being involved. Quit punishing yourself for a failed relationship? Quit on your children…….after all they have another man in their life?

This is the question all of us face at one time or another.

This is my answer.

Insecurity ……. You will never..

Me……. Insecurity , Shut the @#*% up!

I will be the father that my children need. Nothing is impossible! I will provide for my children!! I will not question my determination to be the man I need to be for them! I will work what I must to get my bills paid, I will make it to my child’s championship game! I will get that tux and dance with my daughter at the father daughter dance. I will talk to my children all the time! They will know I love them! I may be late sometimes, but I WILL be there! And no other man will ever take my place as their father!

Because I will never give up……. and I love them too much to quit!

So my advice,

Don’t believe the people who say you won’t succeed. Don’t believe your life can never be better. Don’t believe the ex that tells you that you are not good enough. Everyone goes through tough times, however, you are the only one that can make it better. You are the only one who can be their father.

So go be their father.


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