Judicial Review…… Kinda



If you have survived your day, as I have, do I have some great insight for you! Of coarse listening to insight from me is like taking marriage counseling from Glynn Wolfe. However I will put it out there anyway.

Today’s update is about stress! And if you think this will simply be a recap of yesterdays update, to you a say Neh Neh.

This is actually something that is relevant to the non-custodial fathers out there. The women of former marriage to non-custodial 1 (myself) shall remain nameless, however we shall call her Prosecutor X.

Prosecutor X called in emotional distress. Prosecutor X claims that Non-custodial 1 is to blame for emotional issues of non-custodial .5 (Child). Defendant Non-custodial 1 disagrees with aforementioned claims by prosecutor X. Defendant Non-custodial 1 denies Prosecutor X’s claims that all of Non-custodial .5’s problems all completely caused by Non-custodial 1 requirement to relocate to a geographical location outside of Prosecutor X’s ability/desire to travel.

Non custodial 1 claims that a direct correlation between payments due Non Custodial .5 require Non-custodial 1 to relocate outside of Prosecutor X’s ability/desire to travel. Non-custodial 1 also claims that failure to relocate would cause default on Non-custodial .5

Non-custodial 1 also counters that telephone/cellular devices have a 2-way function. Non-custodial 1 also states that his phone/cellular device is on and functional at all hours of the day. Non-custodial 1 also states under oath that aforementioned issues about Non-custodial .5 should be discussed, in detail, with Non-custodial 1 until resolution.

Non-custodial 1 also counters that Non-custodial .5 can relocate to live with Non-custodial 1, Therefore creating Custodial 1? This response was immediately refused by prosecutor X . After much deliberation prosecutor X agreed to the following plea arrangement from Non-custodial 1.

  1. Non-custodial 1 will answer phone/cellular device each morning when Prosecutor X calls to discuss issues with Non-custodial .5.
  2. Prosecutor X shall from this day forward not ignore Non-custodial 1’s attempts to communicate via phone/cellular device.
  3. Prosecutor X and Non-custodial 1 shall in best efforts expand cooperation in light of discussed issues of Non-custodial . 5
  4. Prosecutor X and Non-custodial 1 agree that needs of Non-custodial .5 needs shall be put before the needs/desires of Prosecutor X and Non-custodial 1.

If any of this sounds like what you go through…………just know you are not alone.

The best advice I can give is hold out an olive branch to your ex. The needs of the children need to defeat the anger and animosity you may have for each other. After all……….you are the examples your children will follow.


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