War……and pieces


Mistrust, Resentment, Anger, Divorce………………..WAR!

The battlefield of war, where the entire concept is to inflict as much pain, suffering and damage as you can until the other side surrenders unconditionally. You attack the oppositions vulnerabilities, you search out and destroy their weaknesses, you hurt them, you punish them, until you can break them. Until they are defeated and will not hurt you again.

The problem with war is, there are always casualties. Some are intentional, others are civilian. The problem with war…….there are always both.

When two people who share a child together, are at war, there are always casualties. Sometimes those casualties are intended, sometimes they are unintended. The unintended ones are often the ones we love the most.

I thought I was a good man. I always tried to do what I thought was right. I loved my children. I loved my children’s mother. We married, we bought a house together……….then we fell apart together.

It started inconspicuous enough. Spending less time together, talking to each other less. Other things became more important in our lives. Then things started to get irritating. Disappointments started to flourish, then responsibilities were not being met on either side. After that resentment roared in like a starving lion, and anger attacked everything.

In these times insecurities, jealousy and mistrust penetrated everything. Then before you knew it, the end came.

The end of a family happened.

I am responsible for my part of the failed relationship, with this, I also unintentionally put the burden of my failure on my children as well. They were my collateral damage.

My decisions hurt my children. There are times I wish I could take it all back. But that’s the problem with war, you can’t undrop bombs, you can’t unlaunch missles, you can’t unshoot bullets……….you can’t take it back.

In war you are right.

In war you want to win at all costs.

In war you never want innocent casualties.

But their are always casualties.




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