The Adopted Father

A child needs someone, a child needs a Dad……….

Why would I adopt? The child is not my responsibility……….

I met a women, she was absolutely stunning to me. We went out on several dates and we truly had a great time. She had also recently had a child. The “biological donor” had ran away from the pregnancy. Dissapeared into the either, like warm breath on a cold winters day. She went through the pregnancy and delivery on her own. She is a strong woman. She was terrified to have me meet her child. We were newly dating and the last man had simply ran away. My response was ” I am not the same man that he was.”

We walked to her apartment where her son was being watched. She paid the sitter and we walked into his room. It was there that I met my future little baby boy. He was two months old.

The first night I stayed with her I helped her with taking care of him. I would rock him to sleep, I would feed him bottles, I even changed a diaper. It was a long night for us. This was my initiation to the responsibilities of child that was not mine.

Two years later, we got married and I adopted my son. My wife’s child became our child. It was one of the highlights of my life. I could never imagine my life without him.

I ask myself, why more people don’t adopt.
The difference you can make in a persons life is beyond anything you would expect.

The unfortunate truth is that adoption has gone down in the U.S. dramatically. From 2008-2012 it has gone down by 14% .

The reasons for this are myriad. It however does not change the fact that a lot of children are without one or even both parents.

Why would I take on a responsibility that is not mine?

Because no child is a mistake, no matter how difficult the situation. No child should be without a father. No child should have to wonder if anyone cares about them. I could never change the world, but I could change this child’s life.

That’s why I adopted…….and it was absolutely the right thing to do.


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