The Fellowship of Dad


To be or not to be………the decision is made

When your child is born, you are entered into the Fellowship of Dad. It is at this moment that you join a collective of men that you now have a common factor, your child. This particular fellowship has no borders, no cultures, no races. It has no political affiliation, no class structure, and no financial status. It is a fellowship of men that have a child, and are now fathers. This is the only way to be part of the Fellowship of Dad.

The motto of the Fellowship of Dad is simple: “Keep the little humans alive”

This is not as easy as it first sounds. Small children seem to want to find ways to hurt, maim and possibly destroy themselves. They are active and into every single thing that you could or even couldn’t imagine. The only time they sleep is when you are awake and they will keep you up all, night, long. They will try your patience like no other thing on the face of the earth. And you still have to “keep the little humans alive”.

As your child grows and your fellowship continues, so do the responsibilities. Now you don’t have to simply put a gate up to keep your child from crawling into the street. Now they will climb over any obstruction to run out into the street. The will search out ways to hurt themselves. They will discover furniture parkour, and small things that can be thrown at people or items that are also important. They will discover all the items in the kitchen that should be kept in the kitchen. They will drag such items to places they should not be. Then you have to explain that flour simply does not belong all over the living room carpet.

As you grow in the fellowship, you will share your experiences with other members. With bags under your eyes, and hands smelling of baby wipes, you will share your stories with fellow members of the club. You will laugh and……..well you won’t cry, because men don’t cry. At least this is what we tell other men. You will hear funny stories that border on belief. You will hear stories of pride that also border on belief. You will learn from each other and plan new ways to simply “Keep the little humans alive”. You will bond with other members that are from all areas of life, from all races and all cultures. If there is any single equalizer of men, it is the love of our children.

It is the most difficult……..and rewarding task of any man.


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