Seriously Fun Kid’s Activities

Spring is in the air and Summer is soon to follow……..

Kite competitions

This is the Battle Royal of the skies! No not really because kites are not built for battle but keeping these toys in the air can be a little challenging. Challenge you children. Have your kids build the kites and see who can keep theirs in the air the longest. If you are interested here is a link for Kite kits you can build at home.

Build the ultimate blanket fort

If you have furniture, blankets and some imagination you can do this. Work together with your kids and destroy your home building the ultimate blanket fortress! You can set up inside and have an overnight camping adventure in your living room. Bring in the laptop or tablet and enjoy a movie in the comfort of a fort of your own building.

Play a game of tag with your kids

This is for you parents out there, get up,get out and have some fun out there with the kids. No matter if the game last 10 minutes or for the next 30 years, this kind of physical activity is good for both you and your child. Chances are the kids may wear us old people out but give it a shot anyway!

Take the kids to the skating rink

That’s right, pull those old skates out of the closets, blow the layers of dust off and head to your local rink. Your kids may not like the old school skates but most rinks have some updated rollerblades to clamp on to your feet. Here are some of the health benifits of a some rollerskating.

So get out and enjoy!

take your kids on a hike

Strap on some hiking shoes and take the kids on a journey out into the world. It does not matter if it is to the local park, the nearest trail, or a mountain getaway. The benefits of being outdoors are well documented.

Some informational ideas for your outdoor adventure!

Introduction to Frisbee golf

Frisbee golf is a great sport where the adults and kids can be competitive with each other. The rules are similar to golf and are very easy for anyone to pick up. Getting outdoors and walking from net to net is an enjoyable experience for both young and old.

No matter what you decide to do, get out and enjoy the outdoors with your kids. The health benefits are scientifically proven. Your kids may complain to start with, however they will actually enjoy the time, as will you. So get up and make some memories!


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