Safety Zone: Curious About Online Schooling?

With the recent dangers of school shootings online learning is becoming a more popular option.

Technological advancements have changed the standard type of learning and replaced traditional schools with virtual classes or online-learning. The K-12 education system has incorporated online programs and resources for both public schools and homeschooling. The K-12 online system provides extensive learning and prepares students at various grades for tertiary education through step by step process. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of online learning so you can determine whether it is for child. 


Flexibility of schedule

The online learning system give a latitude in your child’s education. Gone are the times you have to pull your child out of school for a dental appointment. If your child is sick, they can still work on assignments when they feel better. They have the opportunity to catch up on the weekends if they start to fall behind. Your child will also be able to start learning earlier or later than standard school schedules allow.

Parental involvement

You may be familiar with the struggles of being involved in every aspect of your child’s education through standard schooling. Yes, most have online platforms to keep parents in the loop of what is going on with your child’s education. However if your child starts to fall behind or is missing assignments you may not have the flexibility to get directly involved to help out.

With online programs you can have direct oversight of your child’s progress.

Work at your own pace

Standard schooling works off a set schedule. Those set schedules will vary from district to district, but they all have a set time that is inflexible. If your child is struggling in the comprehension of a subject you can take the time needed to get complete understanding before moving on to the next session. This removes the pressure of holding up the class or getting to the next class on time.

Options, Options, Options

Online schooling adds options and electives standard schools may not offer. They offer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs, Art programs, Music programs and even Poetry and Writing programs for students. With the flexibility of working at your own pace and pick what programs to focus on you open a myriad of choices on how to proceed with your child’s education. You can tailor your child’s specific talents and interests instead of the standard one size fits all model.

Cost Effective

Many state school districts are offering online programs for students K-12 at no cost to the children in their districts. This gives students complete access to their online learning with out any added stress to you, the parent on paying for additional learning that others get for free in your standard school model.


Check your state for programs that will help you find the perfect online school. Or check out this online school resource service.



One of the most significant issues with online learning is the loss of social interactions with peers. Social interactions and 1 on 1 interactions are important factors in the development of children. People by nature are social creatures and when removed from large social interaction centers may have undesired consequences. The lack of social interactions will need to be balanced. This will apply an added stress to the parent to add social activities to their child’s day.


Being that online learning is………online, there is the possibility of a child getting distracted by online activities not associated with the learning.

We all personally know the temptation at work to get on social media, our children are no different.

This distraction will need to be mitigated by parental involvement and may add stress to both the parents and child.


Online schooling is completely dependent on technology. The student/parents may need to provide their own equipment and internet to access the program. If one link in the chain becomes broken the entire program is shut down. No matter if it’s the website providing materials, a computer failure, router dying, or internet failure the system is completely reliant on all pieces working together smoothly. 


With great freedom comes great responsibility.

When you give children the option on how to progress with their education, it will take a more personal level of motivation. There are no teachers physically present to tell students to focus. Parents will need to be involved to keep their children motivated to be successful in their education. This may also put additional pressure on parents who work and are not always able to be home during the day.


Without teachers and a structured system to keep your child’s focus your child may have difficulties staying on task. Difficulties may develop in the understanding that you may find difficult to address without a teacher in the room. With online learning there also is no social network to address personal issues that may develop. This is something that the parents will need to pay attention to and address if needed.

Online schooling has moved from obscurity to a forefront of education. It is an accredited school program that can help your child flourish, and pursue a college degree.


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