5 Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids. (Without destruction or death)

With school out and the children unleashed upon us we have put together a list of some of the best things you can do with your kids no matter how little time you have them.

1. Cook breakfast with your kids

Forget about the broken eggs on the floor. Forget about the egg shells in the eggs as they cook. Forget about the pancake mix all over the counter, and floor, and ceiling (How the heck did pancake mix get on the ceiling!) Forget all the mess, Spend time helping them figure it out. The most important thing is simply the time spent teaching you children how to make their own breakfast. This will come in handy in life for both them……….and you.

Here are some ideas!

2. Kid’s night

Kid’s night is honestly one of my favorite nights as well. Kid’s night is where the kid’s get to decide what you do for the evening. This is of course within reason because honestly, who can afford a pony or to go to the moon?

Kid’s night allows the kid’s to decide what will be fun. It may be watching a kid’s movie, playing a board game, or painting toenails. It gives them a little freedom to make decisions. They can search and find things that interest them. They can cooperate with their siblings to find something fun for all of them to do. Plus, as a parent………..if it isn’t fun, it’s their fault, not yours!

3. Build something together

This will help you not only to find your child’s interest but teach valuable skills in thinking and coordination. You can work with them to discover their talents. Do they have an artistic skill? If they enjoy painting then there are a myriad of products to get started with your future Picasso , or Adrian Piper.

Do they have a mechanical skill? Lego’s, Enigmo Stem mechanics, 3D puzzles, and plastic models are a great way to build a child’s interest in constructing mechanical devices.

These are all great ways to build a bond with your child. And you might discover that you enjoy the same things as your child does.


This is my personal favorite! There is nothing that brings a father, or mother and their children together than a Nerf Gun Battle Royal!

Cover those eyeballs, establish the safety zones, and go get your children’s killer instincts in action! The running, the hiding, the screaming of kids cornered by the Godfather/Godmother of Nerf gun war!

Then letting your kids chase you around and shoot harmless dart at you is a great experience, for both young and older children…………and parents!

5. Sports

Sports are a very important aspect in children’s lives. It introduces the children to a teamwork mentality and how to work together to accomplish a goal. Sports teach your kids to practice to get better. Athletics show your children how to be active and have fun.

If you only have your kids there many summer sports programs available to keep your kids active. Check with your local recreational facility and find what they offer. Many offer anything from soccer, to baseball, to hockey, to lacrosse. Discover what your child enjoys and get them involved.

Children love to hear their parents cheer them on as they play. Regardless on if they get embarrassed now, they will always remember that you were there.

I hope this list has given you some ideas on how to spend a little quality time with your children.

Remember it is not simply how much time you have together, but the quality of time together that can make all the difference in the world to your child!


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