9 Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids

No winter lasts forever……….not even this one

9.Giant Jenga

If you have ever played and enjoyed the original little Jenga than you will love this idea. It may take a little know how, some tools, materials, and some old fashioned elbow grease. (Here is a link to build your own). But once it is done you and your kids can have a great time enjoying the out doors and compete in the world of outdoor Jenga!

8. Go to the local playground

Grab some snack and drink items, get your kids together and head on out to the great out doors! The playground is a child favorite and the most cost effective trip for a parent. Go to the playground and let the savages run wild. If there are no playgrounds close to you here are some ideas to build your own. If your kids are older grab some footballs or soccer balls and get out and play!

7. Go Disk Golfing

This is a sport that both parents and kids can play together. This game of golf may not be as difficult as the real thing, but it has it’s own challenges. The rules are similar to regular golf with the major exception that throwing things is highly encouraged in this sport.

6. Try an archery range

This is a fun activity for both parents and their children. (Age appropriate of course) Most archery ranges have different styles of bows for children and adults. With the short distances it is easy to have competitions against the kids to see who is the better shot. Take balloons and some tacks with you and see who can shoot better. When you destroy your kids at archery you can tell them you learned from the legendary Legolas. When they ask you who Legolas is you respond with “The master archer from Lord of the Rings” to which they respond with “What is the Lord of the Rings?” This is normal, it just means your getting old.

5. Go walk and investigate the plants starting to grow

Grab your kids, a magnifying glass and a book about the plants in your area. Take a walk through any park or trail and have the kids search the ground for the freshly born flowers beginning to grow. Use your immense grown up skills of flower knowledge and teach them about the flower life cycle. If you are like me and are not sure, just kinda make it up. If they are young they won’t remember anyway. If you want to know however, this may help you out. Your welcome!

4. Go for a bicycle ride

Pull your bicycles out of storage, dust them off, oil your chains, check the tire pressure and get your self rolling. The say that once you learn to ride a bicycle you never forget. This is true, except you might be a little shaky to start again. But have no fear because your children sure won’t. Make sure you put the helmets on the young uns, and even on yourself. I know, I know, we didn’t do it when we were kids, but times have changed. It’s just a good idea to try and keep your brain intact.

3. Go for a picnic

Have the kids help make some sandwiches, pack up some drinks (Perhaps something special for the grown ups) and head on out to a local park. Get out and enjoy the sun with your children. Pack a football, soccer ball, and Frisbee of your choice and your springtime out door adventure is on track.

2. Sidewalk chalk

Let your child express their artistic side without the permanent stains of paint or markers. This is a group activity as well as a parent/child activity. Let the kids go out and express themselves. Test yourself and see if you stick man is better than your child’s. have a competition on who can identify what each other has drawn and vote on the best drawing. Then teach your kids responsibility and clean the chalk of the side walk for tomorrows art project.

1. Go on a photo shoot competition

2018 spring winner at our competition

Most kids have a cell phone with a camera these days. Challenge them to get the most unique photo about spring they can. This will challenge their creativity and sharpen their selfie skills in the process. Have them photo plants, animals, or even each other. When every one is done look at the pictures and vote on who had the best picture. Break it into categories such as nature, people or animals. The main effort is to get the kids outside exploring this wonderful world we live in. So get out and enjoy this spring!


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