Curriculum Gap? What? We Have A Gap?

What in the world is a curriculum gap?

The children wait. Like dogs tied to a leash for too long, waiting to be released. They pull the tension tight, with no more slack available. The final school bell tolls, the leashes are freed and the children are released! They run from the building, screaming and shouting with joy. The children are free from the bonds of their winter captivity. They race to join their friends and forget everything they have spent the last six months learning.

For the parents there in lies the problem. The loss of the knowledge that has been gained, (AKA The curriculum gap). According to the Brookings Institute : On average, students’ achievement scores declined over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning. Declines were also sharper for math than for reading. The extent of loss was also notably larger at higher grade levels. 

Kids summer camps are an excellent way to slow or even stop this summertime learning slide. There are a myriad of summer camps available with a wide rage of curriculum for children of all ages and all interests. No matter if you are looking for a kids coding camp for your future computer designer or a summer art camp for the future Galileo in you home.


Some of the best and most recommended summer camps are the STEAM or STEM learning camp. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math. With many of these programs having unique and interesting ways of engaging the students, they will learn without feeling like they are learning.

GALILEO CAMP, Learning from the stars!

Another interesting and highly recommended camp is the Galileo camp. With their balance of outdoor fun and learning they have become one of the best kids summer camps.

Perhaps your student is more of the artistic type. ID tech Specialty Arts Camps work much like sports camps or other specialty camps. They allow the
children to learn to focus on their strengths and passions. If they have a passion for music, dance or acting, a specialty art camp can be their perfect summer experience.
You can also search to find summer art camps near you


If your child is the athletic type there are a variety of quality summer sports camps available. These camps include anything from a basketball camps to indoor soccer programs.

If you are asking yourself how do I find summer sports camps near me? A great resource for this , They offer a large assortment of summer camps available across the country. They also offer specials and summer camp discounts on certain camps.

Summer camps are a great way to keep your child learning and prevent the summer slide. From summer basketball camps to indoor summer hockey programs to STEAM learning the summer is not just a vacation, but a chance to learn in a new way.


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