Why Dads Are Important

Your child comes into this world, naked and afraid. The only thing protecting your child from dying…….is you.

You hold your new born baby in your arms, you look at their tiny little face. You see pieces of you, the mother, and bits and pieces of family members long past. You look into this new child, this beautiful new person. There are no prejudices, no judgments, simply a new life that absolutely and completely depends on you.

A father’s personal touch is a critical influence in your child’s life. You, as a father are an anchor to your child’s life. They will learn how treat others by watching you. According to a PEW Research study only 62% the Millennial generation grew up in a two parent home in 2010. This may be nine years ago but that number is staggering.

A Fathers Emotional Connection

Children look to their fathers to lay down rules and enforce them. They also look to them to provide a feeling of security, both physicaly and emotionaly. An involved and supportive Father promotes inner strength and a desire to make their Father proud of them. A Fathers involvement and support also promote a child’s cognitive and social well being.

A Father’s Guidance

The way a father treats his child will influence what exactly he or she looks for in people. Your child’s heroes, friends and spouses will all be chosen based on how they perceive the meaning of the relationship with their Father.


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