Will You Children Remember?

Do you remember where you were September 11th, 2001?

On September 11th 2001 the United States was attacked by Islamic terrorists. On that day 2,977 Americans died. These Americans were not soldiers, they were men, women and children that had no idea that this day would be their last. They were fire fighters, police men and women who rushed toward danger to save those in need, and in doing this gave their lives.

The American people were shocked. Never had any of use seen anything like this in our life time. Not since Pearl Harbor had America been so brazenly attacked by an enemy.

In a single day Americans of all ages, races, sexes and political affiliation came together in a single voice. It was a voice of shock, that quickly morphed into a chorus of anger. We were resolute as Americans that we will not be victims and we will bring the fight to those who wish to harm us.

The uncertainty and rage we all felt was palpable.

America did not shy away from this attack. Americans from all over the country united together in the condemnation of these cruel attacks and promised punishing retribution.

The young and the old lined up to join the military to bring the fight to those who first brought it to us.

We were unanimous in this endeavor.

This attack was so much worse than Pearl Harbor, not just in the cost of life, but the cost of innocent life. This was not a military installation full of defensive weapons, or a battalion of soldiers waiting for orders. These were just normal people going to work. Men, and women that simply went to work to pay their bills then go back home to their family. They were you and me.

The attacks were also so much worse because it was not done by a military. The enemy was not a particular place that we could directly attack. The enemy is the ideology, an ideology that would drive 19 young men to die for it, and take 2,977 innocent civilians with them.

It has been 18 years since this attack brought our mighty nation together. 18 years since the United States stood together and cried out in a single voice,



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