Kids In Politics? What?




  1. the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

That is how the word politics is defined. However in today’s political world the term debate has seemed to disappear into quagmire of screaming, shouting and uncouth behavior.

If you listen to the world it screams

Republicans are racist, bigot, homophobes!

Democrats are socialist elites, that want to force Marxism upon us!

Republicans blame the Democrats and the Media

Democrats blame the Republicans

They tell us it is always some else’s fault. We are told we are a victim of something from someone, somewhere.


As a father I refuse to believe I am a victim of any outside force. There is nobody outside of myself that is responsible for me and my family. Nobody except for me is responsible for my children and how they are raised.

Knowing this, here are the lessons I teach my children.

Let Your Child Be A Child

It is completely fine for your child not to be involved in the politics of the world.

Childhood is a time of innocence. There is no reason to put the weight of the world on their tiny shoulders.

Our responsibility as parents is to protect our children. They have to deal with the intricacies of learning social skills in school, the pressure of their education, and developing skills in any after school activities and the completion of homework.

Why get them involved in things that are completely out of their control? Why add to their stress level? Will it honestly change anything?

You may feel that your children understand the adult perspective but the human brain is not fully developed until the mid twenties.

Teaching Without Preaching


Don’t preach the example, be the example

To lead you must be the leader. If you want your children to more aware of the environment, teach them to recycle their trash. If you want your child to make a difference, teach them how to use less electricity. The US in the the top 10 users of electricity at 12,071 kWh/ per person.

If you want your child to be kind to others, then as a parent, be kind to those around you.

The most successful way to teach your children to be responsible is by being responsible yourself. They do not necessarily need to know the reasons why, they will learn that in time, but they will follow your example.

Teach Fairness


There are two sides to every story

How outdated this saying is in in these current times? Are there really two sides?

There is actually a myriad of viewpoints, approximately 329,064,917 viewpoints.

To believe that all viewpoints will ever agree is a fools errand. However usually they will fall into shades of agreement.

You will teach your child your beliefs, you will teach your child your morals , however they will not always be a child. As they grow, they will learn, and they may develop ideas outside of your viewpoint. This is normal and it is OK. It takes a myriad of ideas to find the best options to solve the problems in this world.

Teach your children to view the facts.

Teach your child to look at different sides and different opinions on topics.

Fact: Children who go to bed at a set time and receive 10-12 hrs of sleep are more successful in school

Opinion/Opposing Viewpoint: But dad, I need to stay up late to compete in this level, I’m online and can’t pause….we are trying to rank and my team is depending on me!

How do you teach your child that sleep is more important than ranking on Fortnite?

That is for you to decide. I personally would shut off the Wi-Fi, however you may not feel that is necessary.

This is the point of conflicting viewpoints. Perhaps an iron fist is needed or….

Perhaps a compromise can be worked out.

This is why teaching teaching your child to understand different viewpoints is critical in their life. While today they are completely dependent on you, they won’t always be.

Someday soon they will be the future of us all.

Protect Childhood

The full weight of our world need not be put on the small shoulders of our children.

Let the children be children and enjoy their childhood.

In time life will give them all the stress they need, for now, let them simply be children.


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