The Cost Of Success, And The Reward Of Failure

It is done…….. and there is no going back.

By all social and materialistic means I am a poor man. The thing about my life is that I have lived a much wealthier life than I currently have. I got to do things a lot of people never have the opportunity to do. I was by no means in the 1% or anything, just I suppose upper middle income. Life was great, I got to take my kids to Disney world, I got to travel the world. I had no trouble paying my bills…… was great………but it wasn’t.

I hated my job, I hated it with a passion, I was pushed to the breaking point over and over again. I felt that there was no way out, so I quit. And I decided to start a business. It took some time and a lot of work, but I got the business going. Then the business wasn’t just going, but business was booming. I got to go to Italy, to Russia to Canada. Business was booming, I invested into equipment, I invested in employees. I took out loans, business was booming, I crossed the US, business was booming……..until it wasn’t. There was an economic collapse in the industry I was working. Companies filed bankruptcy on money they owed me……..I lost everything I had. I lost my income, my home, my cars, my motorcycle, my tools, my shop, my credit……….everything gone in less than 6 months.

After the bankruptcy I was left with a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 with 181,736 miles and forced to move 5 hours away from my children so I could support them. Now, looking back, it is an unexpected blessing to have fallen from the heights of success.

To share a two bedroom apartment, instead of a five bedroom multi level home. To plan meals a week in advance so it is only one trip to the grocery store until next payday. When you take serious care of the clothes you wear, because you do not have anything to replace them if you don’t.

When you have nothing to give your children………but your time.

Time to walk with your kids to the park and play games.

Time to teach your kids how to change the oil in your truck because it is 1/2 the price of having it done.

To teach your kids how to fix the chain or wheel bearings on their bicycles, because you can’t get new ones.

To walk to the library to rent movies to watch at home…..

Sometimes it truly is the little things that matter the most in life.

I know as well as anyone what it takes to support a family, I have five children.

So many people get lost in the effort of gaining “financial freedom” that they lose what is the most valuable asset in their life. Their family.

Do not let the pursuit of supporting your family, cause you to miss the reason for your family.

Your children are your greatest responsibility and an incredibly important job……….more so than the one you go to everyday. And I now know I am wealthier today, being broke, than I ever have been.


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