The Hypocrisy Of Social Media

I don’t have enough likes to be beautiful…………

Our children build an artificial representation of themselves and constantly compare their artificial representation to their peers artificial representation. They are in a constant battle for acceptance by artificial acceptance.

Social media is wonder of technology to connect people. You are able to keep up and be involved in people’s lives no matter the distance. Social Media also has a great approach for businesses to get information out into the ether and find customers. It is great in so many ways, however, social media has a dark side. It has become a stand in for real human interaction. I have seen my children spend hours in their room, alone, “Being social”. Actual social interaction is becoming more and more difficult to play out in real life for our children.

Social media has also given the ability to send thoughts and prayers through the keyboard. We no longer have to actually act, as long as someone sees that we posted thoughts and prayers, it is accepted as action.

Social Media has given us the ability to attack anyone at any time, with words of spite and hate in complete anonymity. We have the ability to hide behind a screen and say things that we would never say in person. Think about your last angry social media exchange, would you say that to that person if you were face to face? We are losing the ability to work out our disagreements.

It is easy to be right if all you have to do is block the people who don’t see things the same as you, and search out those that do.

You can never be wrong in an echo chamber.

There are many advantages with the use of social media, however the negatives on the use of social media need to be recognized and mitigated by parents of teens. Even teens have recognized the impacts of social media. They do not call each other, they text. When many children gather in groups and small talk breaks down, they get on their phones to see what everyone else is doing. They do this instead of making more and interesting conversation.

I see it in my life as an adult as well. I was getting my oil changed and there were 7 other adults in the lobby waiting. 6 of them where on their phone, all except me.

It struck me as ironic that there is so much division in life………..yet nobody talks. So what was my response? I pulled out my phone.

Here is a list of 10 of the disadvantages of social media use by high school students.

dangers of social media

Social media has been a great invention in human connection, however in human development in children and teens it does have it’s drawbacks. We as parents need to focus on trying to negate some of these drawbacks. Encourage our children to put the phones down and go do things.

We need to teach them not to judge their self worth on the amount of likes or comments they get. They do not need certain angles, lighting or filters to be accepted .

They are all beautiful, handsome, amazing, interesting young adults just the way they are.


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